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Piano Research:

The Quality of pianos listed in descending order. This is only my opinion of the quality ranking of the various pianos and is not a definitive list of piano manufacturers.

Group A - World class, high performance pianos.
These pianos are built and perform to the highest standards. Most are limited production, handmade pianos.

- Fazioli
- C. Bechstein
- Sauter
- Bosendorfer
- Bluthner
- Steinway & Son
- SchulzePollmann
- Grotrian Steinweg
- BaldwinSD10, SF10,M1, M5, R1,L1,
- Mason & Hamlin
- Charles R. Walter
- W.Hoffmann

Group B - Professional pianos.
Although not world class, these are very high quality and still some of the best pianos in the world.
- Shigeru Kawai
- Schimmel
- Seiler
- Haessler
- Rieger Kloss
- Schirmer & Son
- Yamaha S series
- Knabe
- Baldwin professional verticals
- August Forester

Group C - Instructional and Home Pianos.
Solid pianos suitable for performance, but made for institutional purpose or practice at home. These are good but very massed produced pianos and in a price rage of average households.
- Hallet, Davis & Co. Ibach scale design
- Boston (built for Steinway by Kawai)
- Petrof / Weinbach
- Hamilton (by Baldwin)
- Kawai RX series
- Yamaha C series
- J. Strauss & Son
- Kawai K series
- Samick World Series
- Young Chang Pramberger
- Samick Korean Fenner Series
- Yamaha U series
- Weber

Group D - Economy Pianos.

Inexpensive starter pianos at best and only suitable for home use only. I would not recommend these pianos.
- Young Chang Korean
- Samick non-fenner Korean
- Young Chang Chinese
- Essex ( by Young Chang or Boston)
- Kawai ge series
- Samick Indonesian (all stencil pianos Kohler & Campbell, Conover Cable, etc.)
- Yamaha T and M series verticals
- Perzina (carl ebel with laminated soundboard)
- Kawai # series verticals
- Kawai GM-10
- Yamaha gc1, gp1, gb1
- Strauss
- Wymann
- J. Becker